You all got to know Jason Moore from the most recent “Thursday Thoughts” session, and have also been referred to his Geographic Composition Series in the past from participation.  Well, the latest in the series, titled Autumn, has been released today, so CB is giving a rare double post today!  Here’s the shot I shared (which you’ve seen here before), but do stop over to see the other ones from notables like Michael Palmer, David Jones, Andy Smith, and Jeff Kuhns (of course Jason M. has a shot in there too).  Excellent series of photos and I am honored to be a part of it!

Autumn - Geographic Composition

The rest of the series can be found here

2 thoughts on “Geographic Composition Series

  1. Happy to give props whenever to fellow photogs Jeff, the pleasure was mine! 🙂

  2. Now I’m notable. I’ve come along way. Thanks CB.

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