This week is an exciting week, because of a giveaway I am launching for this week only!  Thanks to the generous folks over at Drobo, another Drobo giveaway is being run for Canon Blogger readers!  (In case you forgot, the folks at Drobo green-lighted one of these a while back and the response was amazing!  As it ended up by sheer happenstance, my good friend Jason D. Moore won the Drobo, so it was a great day!)  So, without further ado, I bet you are wondering what the details are, right?  ‘Nuff said, so here goes:


1. Follow me (@CBJason) and @Drobo (no need to unfollow and re-follow if you already are…)

2. RT the text message in the blog post:

RT I’ve registered to win a #Drobo with @CBJason at

3. Share your best story about why you need a Drobo on the blog here (my blog) and on the Drobo Facebook page! (Note the embedded links… 🙂 )

4.  Don’t forget to register with Drobo in case your name is picked – if you’re not registered, you can’t win!

5.  All entries must be submitted no later than midnight MDT on Wednesday!

This means you only have 3 days to enter – do it now before you forget.

*Special Contest Note*  You only have to re-tweet the message once – multiple tweets will not gain you more entries, and will likely annoy any followers you have.

Many thanks to the folks at Data Robotics for their exciting support.  If you’d like to learn more about what a Drobo is, and what it can do for you, here’s a couple useful resources to read through (and videos to watch) including one from my review here on the blog!  It’s a great data storage solution for people who don’t want to take the time to build out their own RAID solutions (i.e. photographers).  I own one myself (yes I bought it…), and have absolutely fallen in love with its ease of use.  Beyond the initial formatting time frame for a new disk, it’s been an absolute dream, and gives me the peace of mind knowing my data is protected!

My own Drobo Review

Drobo Website

28 thoughts on “Fresh For the Week: Win a Drobo!

  1. My wife is a photographer and her pictures are important to me. Since I buy the storage devices to protect her photos, I need the Drobos for added security and backup.

  2. As an IT professional (Read “Professional Geek”), I cannot stress enough the importance of having reliable backups of your data. I see hard drives fail on a regular basis. But, am I as diligent about backing up my own data? Um…. Well… 🙁

  3. Oh my stars! Where do I begin? Twice now…yes TWICE! My drives have failed and a computer not only “bite the bullett” it bit it, chewed it, swallowed it, got gas from it, then regurgitated it all up! So…you think I’d learn my lesson about the need for redundancy? Well, I learned it…I just haven’t had the money or “know how” to deal with the traditional and expensive raid systems. So, instead, I have various drives all ove my house storing goodness knows what! I need simple, inexpensive and easy-to-maintain and that’s why I must have it!

  4. I need a Drobo to back up my computers, and to keep media files in one location.

  5. My PhD studies would benefit greatly from a DROBO system. Simply put, I frequently take 100’s of GB of data, and usually buy different hard drives to store everything on. As a student, I don’t have the money to have back-ups for everything, so I have to pick and choose what set of data needs to be back’ed up.. With a DROBO, I would be able to install four 2 TB drives, and have everything secure without having to worry about one hard drive failing, causing my thesis to be in jeopardy. Of course, I would be lying if I didn’t state that I would absolutely back up all of my images on here as well 🙂

    The simplicity of DROBO is what drives me toward it, however, the price is what pulls me away. There is no doubt that it is worth every penny, but I just don’t have that many pennies at the moment. Winning this would be great!

  6. Why do I need a Drobo?
    I just started shooting again about 2 years ago. I took a long time between shooting film and shooting digital. After picking up a digital camera, I started testing editting software. I did the 30 day trials of Lightroom and Elements. I inquired with all of my photographer friends, both pro and hobbyists. Once I decided and started saving images I realized that I needed an external place to safely store and back up these images … So I bought a 1 TB external drive which has been working fine until last week. First I heard the ticking, then I heard nothing. I thook it to a data recovery specialist who told me it would be $800 just to crack it open and have a look. I decided to use the external drive as a book-end rather than spend the $800 … But there are some images on there that I really want, and really hope to get some day … I again called upon my firends for advice and they all recommended DROBO and I trust them, even if we don’t use the same gear. Moving forward, I need a reliable storage/back up/mirror device so i will feel safe. I NEED A DROBO.

  7. I think I already said I need a Drobo for all my photo files. I don’t see my comment so I am saying it again… 🙂
    I still need one!

  8. Why do I need a Drobo? I need to automate the backup of my computer, and NAS is the ticket. I have critical photography files & photos that are critical to my business. I tried Netgear’s ReadyNAS Duo – but I’m not an IT guy and that system needed constant attention. I want to set something up and trust it will work on its own from there with minimal support. Just weeks ago I had my main laptop (3 yr old) HD fail with no warning! Luckily, I had just backed it up, but external HDs are a pain, and I got lucky that it failed right after the backup. I would rather count on Drobo than luck in the future!

  9. I have wanted a Drobo for a while now, I really need it to backup all my photos, right now they are on a single HD drive that is quickly running out of space.

  10. Jeff Juett says:

    Too many external drives to store my files. I’d hate to lose the contents on any one of them. Give me a Drobo, and my worries will end.

  11. James Enix says:

    Drobo is really cool! Wish I had one so I could store the thousands of photos that I think are my best. Also I have kids and there a thousands of photos of them that I need to keep safe. Drobo is the device that I need according to Cali Lewis and I can’t wait to get one.

  12. Kylie Larsson says:

    Precious memories that could be gone in seconds;
    A loss with which would be hard to reckon.
    Memories in the form of moving pictures and smiling faces galore;
    Priceless things that cannot be purchased at any store.
    Afraid of their loss, ever on the brink;
    Some of them are my only link;
    To a time foregone, a time in the past;
    Of world travels, of adventures vast.
    A Drobo would help to ease these fears;
    Help to prevent tears.
    Backup and save, multiple times;
    Having a Drobo would be simply divine.
    No more click, click, click;
    Tick, tick, tick;
    “Your harddrive has run out of space.”
    I’d take such news with grace;
    For I know that the Drobo would be there;
    As a backup, a life saver, and a extra harddrive share.

  13. I’ve realized I need a Drobo after starting a business of scanning and re-touching peoples slides and photos. These are precious and priceless belongings to my clients, which is why I would love to store them on a Drobo. I think there’d be plenty of room left for some of my own stuff as well!

  14. Sami Anttila says:

    I have tons of photographs. I need a Drobo.

  15. We’ve had so many drives fail (both internal & external) that the reliability of a Drobo would be a welcome relief.

  16. Amy Eklund says:

    I know this is probably a dumb question but what do you mean by “Don’t forget to register with Drobo in case your name is picked – if you’re not registered, you can’t win!” How do I register with Drobo?

  17. Frank Sammut says:

    As I am getting older, my memory seems to be shrinking, so it would be nice to put all my photos in one common place. I’m sure a Drobo could fix this problem.

  18. Amy Eklund says:

    I need a Drobo because my backup unit is a second hard external drive and it is overheating. I don’t want to have backups of my backups of my backups so it would be great to have a Drobo.

  19. I need a Drobo because I got so many portable hard drives laying around, I could use them as a full deck of cards! Been kicking around the idea of getting one for about a year now. Would really come in handy.

  20. I need a new Drobo to help with my increasing amount of photos!

  21. Jim Nichols says:

    My backup plan is flawed relying on 1 hard drive, a Drobo would make me feel much more confident after having a few drives die.

  22. Brian Lottis says:

    I wish I had one a few months back when my hard drive failed. It took me almost 3 weeks to get everything restored from my online back up.

  23. Peter De Cleyn says:

    USB HD A is almost full, it is now partially replicated on USB HD B. Meanwhile I’m adding new images on my internal HD and my backup is no longer up to date as a result of these multiple sources. Wouldn’t it be great to have all in one place, especially on a @drobo?

  24. Julia Foster says:

    I need a new Drobo because my computer is going to crash very, very soon and I really need more storage in order to back up everything that I have. HELP!

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