Earlier today, I posted the article about a radio station stealing images from a competitor station.  After publishing the post, I did my usual bit, tweet the post, and in this case, sent a note to the station manager on the issue, on the off-chance I would get a reply.

To my surprise I did!  The exchange was thoroughly shocking though – first he said that they never do such things, but by the third email he basically was reduced to a “no comment” status.  Kind of implies something in my mind, but what about yours?  Here’s the exchange:

Email exchange #1

Email exchange #2

Email exchange #3

Email exchange #4

Email exchange #5

Email exchange #6

Email exchange #7What do you think?  Is that “no comment” then silence basically saying “we don’t want to talk about this?”  Are they burying their heads in the sand, hoping it will go away?  What about the other parties involved?  Jason Aldean?  KYGO?  It’s a pretty interesting ball of wax, and I am wondering what the eventual outcome will be?  Is the photographer just out of luck?  Should The Wolf be penalized?  Was removing the images enough of a response?

2 thoughts on “Follow Up: Radio Station Photo Theft

  1. Seattle limos says:

    I read your earlier article as well and it was quite interesting. Organizations nowadays actually resort to anything and everything to beat the rivals. The follow story is nice too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very interesting story Jason. I’ve had a few images show up on websites and publications without my knowledge or approval. Each use violation has been remedied and in each case I was compensated by the offender.

    On the prior post I agree with the commenter who suggested small claims. I’m surprised the station doesn’t just want to do the right thing privately with the photographer.

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