I’ve not done this in a long time as it gets harder and harder to find free stuff online. That is to say, free stuff without a catch…or free stuff that is free for a reason (quality *cough cough*). So, here’s a short list of free things you should check out online:

1. Free Hoodman Loupe: Hey, I gotta promote my own giveaways first, right? But technically it is free. No fuss, no muss, no super difficult hoops to jump through, just throw your most qualified image in the Flickr thread for your chance to win this free cool photo accessory. Valued at $80 retail, it’s nothing to sneeze at. For those not interested in getting it for free though, it’s always available through your favorite online retailer (I like B&H).

Learning Digital Photography Contest

2. Free OnOne Software downloads: Talk about cool, the folks over at OnOne software are offering up free backgrounds, plugins, and a lot more on their website. I read about this in a recent issue of RangeFinder magazine, and the link to the download page is right here. If memory serves, you do have to sign up for their mailing list, but getting news and info from these folks is always a good thing! (Full disclosure, I did a product review on their suite a while back, which you can read here.)

OnOne Software Downloads

3. PhotographyBB Magazine: From the creative mind of Dave Seeram comes the PhotographyBB Magazine. Published monthly and now in its third year, the authors of this up and coming online resource are astoundingly talented both in their writing, and in their photography skills. Also of note are the talented designs and graphics of Mr. Seeram himself, who continues to amaze me at his designer eye. His skills and passion speak to the quality that goes into each and every issue. I should note that I am a contributing author to this magazine, but it is free, and there are other articles! The best part, there aren’t the obnoxious ads that you see in most magazines anymore (including the paid ones).

PhotographyBB Magazine

4. Mac Software: For the Mac-fans out there, and specifically those who use Garage Band, there’s always free loops available from a plethora of online outfits, hoping to get you to sign up for subscription services. Most have voice overs that render them pretty much useless, or don’t really “loop” that well. One notable exception though comes from the folks at LoopGalaxy.

Loop Galaxy

5. Webinars: Lots of folks are entering the webinar arena. With broadband access even reaching to cellular phones these days, the demand for video is always increasing and where there is demand, supply is sure to follow. Here’s some of the more useful ones:

  • KelbyTV: A whole host here, ranging from The Photoshop Guys, to The Grid, and NAPP Newsweek, these guys are the industry leaders for a reason!
  • Nations Photo Lab: Okay, so it’s kind of a self-promotion deal, but every month, thanks to the support of Nations Photo Lab, myself and Kerry Garrison of Camera Dojo get together and talk shop on any one of a number of photography-related subjects. Follow us on our Facebook pages and Twitter as most announcements get channeled through there.
  • OnOne Software: Yup, not only do they offer free software downloads, but they are in the webinar arena too. While I’ve not had a chance to check them out yet, friends who tune in regularly say the content is really good and worth the time spent!

So, there ya have it – five Friday freebies from the blog front. Got your own resources that you know of? Share the wealth with the world and sound off in the comments, or even share your thoughts on the ones mentioned above, as feedback is always a good thing! Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you here again next week.

3 thoughts on “Five Friday Freebies

  1. I’ve watched a few on OnOne’s now Jason. Ever since I got the Perfect Photo Suite I find myself at their site more and more. Always helpful. Glad to say I’ve got a good connection at my studio.

    On another note, thanks for the info on Photography BB. Totally missed out on them, but going to flag them now!

  2. I just saw this post and want to thank you for including the onOne Webinar program (along with our wonderful products) on this list.

    I am the Curriculum & Education Manager for onOne Software and I lead the Webinar program. It means a lot to see it getting some love here.

    Thanks much. Rock on!

    Brian Matiash

    1. Thanks Brian – it’s an honor to bring this sort of content to everyone’s attention – your webinars (and software) rock! Always a pleasure! 🙂

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