There’s been a lot of screaming press lately in the camera industry, and in typical fashion I am a day late to the party here.  Some really exciting changes in software options have been announced by the Mother Ship (a.k.a. Adobe), and lots of blogs, forum communities, and watering holes for photo-geeks like you and I are filling with fodder.  Is LR4 really the bees knees or is it a little sluggish?  What’s the deal with that Photoshop Touch app for the iPad?  And then yesterday, or is it two days ago… the big guns came out – Photoshop CS6!  We’ve seen a few demos on the high profile blogs already (don’t tell me they didn’t have prior access…no one is that fast and good!  🙂  )along with some flashy promotional stuff and other “thoughts” from industry professionals.  How biased or accurate are they?  Tough call.

Don’t get me wrong though, I like salivating over the tools of the trade just like everyone else, but when someone is a self-professed Evangelist  for the folks at Adobe, it does rather temper the impulses from “ooooh-ing” and “aaaah-ing” prematurely.  Well, the good news is that for the rest of us is that some real reviews are on the way! Yep, yours truly was included in what I suspect is my final year of inclusion in the review membership club for Adobe products.

As you may recall, I was not kind to Adobe a while back when some flack about upgrade policy changes hit on CS6 a while back.  Adobe since backpedaled (although probably not from my voice, because….let’s be serious, it’s just me) but I suspect I ruffled a few feathers.  For now though, my participation in the review program remains intact for another season of Adobe products…and what that means is that for those of us who just want real reviews, real thoughts, and real tutorials on usage in real world scenarios (none of those lab-created scenarios where everything is specifically set up to showcase the best features and minimize things like memory consumption, speed/performance, and the occasional oddities of the programs), some stuff is on the way!

I know – much of this is all last weeks news and some nuggets even older, so apologies are in order, but unfortunately, this blog and my photography are not my primary source of income (I’ve also mentioned this before that there may be a dearth of content periodically…).  The “real job” has kept me busy, and a nasty flu bug also sidelined me for a tad too, so the can went empty yet again.  So, mea culpa for the delayed blogging post, but exciting things are coming.  Next week on the blog we should see three exciting posts:

1.  A new podcast with an amazing Lightroom instructor – Laura Shoe!  She’s got an incredible talent for not only the software, but for the educational value and the quality of her training videos are unparalleled in my opinion!  Look for that on Monday!

Lightroom 4

2.  A first look of my own on the app that has taken tablets by storm – Photoshop Touch!  It’s got a few surprises in there, and certainly nothing you’ve seen from the canned demos on the higher profile evangelist sites, so make sure you tune in Wednesday for that!  (The regularly scheduled Wordless Wednesday will be back the following week…)

Photoshop Touch

3.  Then, of course, (if all goes well)…by Friday I’ll have a few insights and thoughts on the new features of PSCS6 to share with everyone (this of course will be off the publicly accessible beta which anyone can download for free now).  I gotta say in advance though – totally digging their launch splash screen!

Photoshop Cs6

More resources on LR4, Photoshop Touch and CS6 are starting to filter in from many good friends of the blog, so you may also see some blog posts talking about some other eBooks and good learning materials as well, so definitely stay tuned, as a whirlwind tour of products, learning resources and a bunch of stuff is on deck!  So, that’s what’s in store…are you ready for it?  About the only thing more exciting I can think of is that Peyton Manning is now a Bronco!  But that’s a post for another blog…

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