As we get closer to the Christmas holiday, I am feeling generous again, which means it’s time for a holiday giveaway!  It’s not going to last long – from today through the end of the year, but this post will act as the conduit for a comment contest/giveaway.  Thanks to the generous folks over at Savage Paper, I got a sneak peek at their new Tech Table – a new product intended to use in a tethered shooting environment, with a ton of accessories too.  This table is a little different in that it’s slotted to allow heat to vent and dissipate, allowing your laptop to stay cool, allowing you to shoot even longer!

Savage Paper

Another neat feature of this product is how accessories mount to the entire setup, which I go into in more detail in the video review below.  It’s a modular setup, so you need the table for the accessories to mount, which is fine, because I can’t imagine shooting without the table.  I like how there are no screws, nuts and bolts or anything else needed to attach everything together.  (Except the wing nut for mounting your ball head to the setup.  Make sure to watch the entire video as the instructions for how to enter, and what info is needed in your comment in order to be eligible.


Additionally, a fellow photographer, author, and blogger is running a companion giveaway – Mr. Kerry Garrison over at Camera Dojo.  Check out his forthcoming review as well, and make sure you enter at both sites to double your chances of winning!

There are a couple links you should bookmark, including this one (because this is where I’ll announce the winner in 2013!)  The companion post over at Kerry’s Camera Dojo site (linked above), and the folks over at Savage paper.

16 thoughts on “Enter the Holiday Giveaway!

  1. Seriously? This is starting to smell like a scam. I’ve not seen either one of y’all post a winner. I guess y’all decided to keep it for yourself.

  2. Candy Avera says:

    When will you pick the winner?

  3. The Tech table would be so helpful in streamlining the process of dance studio portraits. Uber convenient!

  4. I’ve been shooting architecture and real estate. And tried to do some tethering but I had to use a stepladder. The Tech Table would be a lot safer then be jury rig stepladder.

  5. gilfeliciano says:

    Now that would be a sweet addition to my new-found interest in studio portrait photography! Tamara Lackey recently asked Lindsay Adler which piece of equipment she pulls out to impress a client. Adler says “tethering.” And, in the end, it probably is the only piece of equipment both photographer and client enjoy simultaneously.

  6. I’ve recently started shooting dancers and the Floor Drops are an interesting looking product. It would make creating an atmosphere of my choosing within a studio much easier.

  7. This sounds like a great platform to experiment with! I haven’t done much in the way of tethered shooting yet. It would be fun to try, now that my laptop is set up for it.

    Thanks for running the contest, and I look forward to more blogs and podcasts.

  8. I would make good use of this:
    * amateur photographer
    * novice in tethered photography
    * gadget freak
    * my jury-rigged setups leave much to be desired

  9. this tech table a sweet little system. the table is sweet, but i really like the wire guide, ballhead mount and mouse pad extender. the cup holder is cool too, but since i’m not a coffee drinker, i would probably use that (as savage paper recommends) as a lens holder. gotta love thoughtful design!

    if i had one of these i would probably use it to enable tethered shooting. i currently have a small space in my home for a studio and tethered is really difficult due to the small space. the nice thing about this table is it allows mobility. mmmm, mobility … that sounds nice!

    happy holidays to all, and thanks for doing this giveaway.

  10. chuckzwood says:

    I want to win the Tech Table because I have NOTHING to fulfill this need! Thanks, Jason!

  11. This would really help me out. I don’t have a table for my laptop when I shoot tethered. I like having the holes in the bottom so the laptop can breathe and I also like having the camera on the side so you can still use the laptop and camera

  12. Frank Sammut says:

    Being an amateur photographer, I do most of my photo shoots at home where space can be limited. I see this setup as a way to consolidate my workspace without compromising the quality of the photo shoot.

    Thank you.

    To be honest I do live in Canada but in a border city. My in-laws live across the river in Michigan so I would be able to have it sent there.:)

    1. Hi Michael,

      The photo contest had been not getting the ROI it had in earlier years, so it’s been relegated to the archives for now. Product reviews/giveaways will likely be tied to particular posts and commenters can subscribe/contribute in this capacity. Easier to participate = more participation = more vendor interest! 🙂

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