I’ve had this podcast done for a while and for some reason completely forgot to post it to the feed with all that’s been going on.  My apologies to Andie Smith as she was the guest for the show (I’m sure she has been wondering what the heck happened!).  Granted, the news items are somewhat dated and not as current as I’d like, but I digress…  In any case, without further ado, here’s the show notes:Learning Digital Photography Podcast

  • News
    • Ansel Adams negatives found?
    • Canon Explorers of Light
    • Broadway Play uses photos w/out permission
  • Presets in Lightroom
    • Stacking presets
    • Configuring presets
    • Experimentation
    • Actions versions Presets
  • Listener Questions & Answers
    • Storyboard Printing
    • Sepia Toning in Lightroom for multiple images
    • Protecting content (text) from theft online

For those not signed up through iTunes (and it should be there shortly, usually takes about 30 minutes from post publish to iTunes picking it up), here’s a direct download:  Episode #50

Or you can play in the browser here whilst surfing!

Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow!


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