Below is a complete listing of all my Photography eBooks that have ever been written for purchase. At various times, as new ones are written, and specials are offered, you’ll want to sign up for the newsletter, or find me on social media as bundles are available and sometimes in a great while, a new eBook or two may come out! Who knows – a good read might be only minutes away. Got some time for a little knowledge drop? Then check out the eBooks below, on everything from DIY Legal Kit guides, to photography eBooks covering photo fundamentals, including tips, tricks, and even some photography eBook business management ideas.  Make sure you take advantage of the free photography eBooks that are also available! 


The Truth About Talent

The Truth About Talent
The Truth About Talent
The Truth About Talent started as a reply to an article that came out many years ago by an author named Craig Tanner.  He has since left that site and started his own business in photography.  He’s got an amazing vision, but his essay on talent kind of struck a chord for me, because I do think that some people are inherently more talented or gifted from scratch.  Anyway, it’s a free download, so feel free to download it here: —–> Free!
49 Photo Tips, Volumes I and II

49 Photo Tips 1 and 2
49 Photo Tips 1 and 2
The books that started it all! 49 Photo Tips, Vols I and II! Neatly bundled for a single download, and 98 tips on how to improve your craft. Everything from creative ideas, to practical business sense, when to outsource, and how to both succeed and love what you do! Only $10
DIY Legal Bundled Kit!
Combo Kit  A special, limited-time offer for those interested in purchasing both the DIY Legal Prequel and the DIY Legal Kit for a budget friendly package price of only $30 for the both!)  If you have neither, now is the time to take advantage of this special offer as it will only be available for a short time.  Don’t delay, get your own bundled legal kit today! Only $30!
DIY Legal Prequel
Written with the help of an experienced copyright attorney, this volume includes a discussion on the various forms needed to get started with your photography business, including Copyright, licensing, Model releases, and all the typical questions that come up! Only $10!

DIY Legal Kit
Written with the help of an experienced copyright attorney, this volume includes a standard event contract, licensing agreement, adult model release, and minor model release…all ready for inserting your own custom logo and/or business name. Only $25


49 Photo Tips, Volume II

49 Photo Tips Volume 2
49 Photo Tips Volume 2
Following up on the success and popularity of Volume One, 49 Photo Tips, Vol. II includes 49 new tips and tricks that help guide you through even more of the composition, inspiration, and management techniques to really take your photography to the next level – and now with accompanying pictures to help illustrate and demonstrate each of the tips! Only $7.99!Special Savings!Add to Cart
49 Photo Tips, Volume I

49 Photo Tips Volume 1
49 Photo Tips Volume 1
The original eBook that started things – a down and dirty, quick and gritty set of 49 various tips and tricks that I learned the hard way on how to improve my photography, manage my gear, spend money wisely, and interact with clients.  No frills, bells, whistles or hoopla – just the categories and tips for you to use and reference in your own library of resources. Only $2.99!Special Savings!Add to Cart



17 thoughts on “Photography eBooks

  1. Terry Shelton says:

    You have an ad, that I just looked at, that is offerring the legal kit that sells for $30.00, for $15.00. When I put the promotion code of diy2011, it prompts me that the offer has expired. It doesn’t say anywhere on the blog, that there is an expiration date.

    1. Hi Terry,

      I sent you an email about this separately, but also wanted to thank you for noting it here. I’ve updated the promo code details in the description to include a disclaimer that only those promotional codes listed above are currently accepted, and that any prior codes were promotional only for the launch period of the product they were designed for. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

  2. This has some of the best quick tips I’ve seen. My 9 year old picked up a few great tips from it too!

  3. Second installment with plenty of great content, tips that everyone can use regardless of skill level. Perfect to carry as a quick reference as well.

  4. With his second eBook under his belt, Jason clearly demonstrates some of the best photos tips ANY photog can use! Clear and concise tips with photo examples make this eBook an awesome value and a great asset for the photography community.

    Well done and congrats Jason!

  5. Excellent work Jason! This version looks great and has some really good content in it. Well done!

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