Yep, the ole Spring Forward/Fall back bug bit us this past weekend.  On top of that, a rather late night on Saturday has re-doubled its effect on me today.  Since I am an admitted night owl, the mornings did not afford me the time to put together the blog post for Monday.

So…sports fans, today is officially a bleary-eyed no blog day!  Tune in tomorrow for the (semi) weekly podcast, some photo goodness, and a tweak in the podcast format for even better delivery to the fabulous listeners.  In the meantime… zzzzzzzzzz

One thought on “DST Blues

  1. Ah! So thats what happened. It was 2am on Sunday morning and my HTC diamond phone started cheerily chirping and telling me that it had happily adjusted for daylight saving. Confused, I switched it off and went back to sleep asuming that I’d missed all the anouncements. I got up an hour later of course. Unfortunately, I’m in the UK and our clocks don’t change for another three weeks! Thanks HTC!

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