As if giving away a Drobo isn’t exciting enough, the folks over at Data Robotics agreed to spice things up by giving away not one but two Drobos in this special contest!  That’s right, if there are enough entries within the 5 day period, Drobo will give away two Drobos to some lucky participants!  So, be sure to rock the vote!  That means to let your friends know by not only re-tweeting the message, but also telling your stories as to why you need a Drobo here on the blog or over on their Facebook page!

Two Drobos

You may also notice that I dropped a hidden time bomb above – we’ve gotten an extension through Friday!  That means, if you haven’t had a chance yet, there’s still time!  It also means that if for any reason you forgot to register, there’s still a window of opportunity for you to do that until tomorrow midnight!  Only 48 hours (roughly) left, so don’t forget to participate for your chance to win!  Thanks to Drobo for both allowing the extension and for adding a second Drobo to the giveaway.  As a refresher, here’s the contest particulars again:

1. Follow me (@CBJason) and @Drobo (no need to unfollow and re-follow if you already are…)

2. Re-tweet the following text message over on Twitter:

RT I’ve registered to win a #Drobo with @CBJason at

3. Share your best story about why you need a Drobo on the blog here (my blog) and on the Drobo Facebook page! (Note the embedded links… 🙂 )

4.  Don’t forget to register with Drobo in case your name is picked – if you’re not registered, you can’t win!

5.  All entries must be submitted no later than midnight MDT on Friday!

Keep posting the stories – these are great to read.  As a reminder here though too – I am not picking the winner personally, it’s done by a random drawing from all the registrations.  After drawing two names, these will be cross-checked against the Twitter messages and such, so keep ’em coming!  Some of the stories I’ve read are quite fascinating, ranging from small business owners running retouching businesses, to poetic story lines, and even PhD students working on some pretty fascinating topics that require massive storage needs.

10 thoughts on “Double the Drobo!

  1. JamesJones says:

    We have so many loose drives from upgrading that I love the idea of collecting them into one place and using them as secure storage for our photo biz.

  2. As my commercial photography and personal photography projects have grown I’ve continued to hodgepodge together 1TB, 2TB, 500gb, random concotions of hard drives. Having one be a timemachine backup, one an archive, it’s messy, though it works. I have watched the backup workflows on Chase Jarvis’s website, and DROBO really allows us to achieve that same professional raid – like backup storage, at a fraction of the cost of a large commercial server setup.

  3. I’m not much of a big risk taker. However, right now I’m gambling in a big way. I only have 1TB of back up and two 500GB Drives in my computer. I have a lot of photos and artwork that need to be backed up properly. Winning these Drobos would be HUGE for me. It would be a life saving opportunity.

  4. I’ve lost files to drives crashing in the past and there if there was no backup to restore from, it was awful. Backing up my data is critical and I’d hate to lose my thousands of images and other important files. I have a back-up system but it involves a lot of separate drives and is really incovenient. The Drobo would be an incredible way to do backup.

  5. I’m currently using 6 external hard drives, winning a drobo would make life much easier for me.

  6. Amy Eklund says:

    I shared it on my facebook page and retweeted. Hope there enough participants for two chances!

  7. I would love the have a Drobo system for storing my photos. It’s been one of my goals this year to get a better storage system for storing by photos. Thanks for a chance to win!

  8. I need to replace my USB-connected 1TB drive with a better system.

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