That’s right, it’s finally here.  After months of working with colleagues, legal professionals (yes, I enlisted the help of a practicing copyright attorney), peer reviewers, and select members of the photographic community, I am super-excited to announce the latest eBook publication for me here on the website.  Far more ambitious than photo tips and tricks, short articles on apertures and shutters, or anything of that ilk – this is the real deal!

DIY Legal Kit

It’s a form-filled extravaganza, including 7 different pieces designed specifically to help photographers just getting started in their craft.  Included in the set for this kit:

1.  Event Contract
2.  Licensing Agreement
3.  Schedule A – items to be included in licensing
4.  Schedule B – licensing usage terms
5.  Adult Model Release form (accepted by iStock and Getty)
6.  Child Model Release form (also accepted by iStock and Getty)
7.  ReadMe Guide with professionally designed graphics and easy-to-understand explanations of what each form is and how to use it.

The beauty is the cost I am able to offer this out for to the photographic community!  Long gone are the days of hiring attorneys at $150 an hour for each legal form you need – Legal kits are available across the web.  You can get similar kits for about $100-$300 with various levels of customizations available.  The cheapest I’ve seen such kits out there for run in the neighborhood of $50.  A fantastic savings over traditional approaches!  Here now, for the first time though, this is going out to anyone interested in starting their own photography business (or those who have started one and don’t have their legal “ducks in a row”, so to speak) that needs some basic legal guidance and at a price point of only $30!

Keep in mind, this is not meant to replace customized forms for specific needs and purposes, but standard events, licensing and model releases are the order of the day.  This is the best part – you can still customize it! I’ve made each into a Word document so you can add your studio logo, graphic, letterhead – even your studio name, to each form as you grow your own business.  So, in the event you still need to tweak things for a specific need, or you just want your own attorney to give these forms a once-over (less than an hours work), your savings is still in the hundreds!

Okay, I am starting to sound like an infomercial, and I hate it when people do that, but really, this honestly is the best part, because this is not even coming out at $50 – it’s only $30!  Almost half of what others are offering the same thing for elsewhere.  And for an extremely limited time (the first 250 to purchase), a special discount code can net you half off of that already screaming deal.  So, for a paltry $15, you can get this compilation of the most needed forms and contracts every photographer needs.  The code?  DIY2011 As soon as the code is used 250 times, it goes to regular pricing of $30, so get it while you can, because this pricing will never happen again!

You can order it today, from right here by clicking on the “Add to Card” button below, or on the dedicated eBook page!  Don’t delay, best pricing will likely meet fulfillment very shortly!

Add to Cart

Because this can help change the lives of so many aspiring photographers, I also want to help spread the word through networking as much as possible, so if you’d like to help, there is a specific affiliate program I’ve set up at eJunkie where you can also see a 10% return on each eBook sold.  The discount code of DIY2011 will also work in affiliate setups too.  So, head on over to eJunkie via this link here (or in the sidebar) and sign up if you like (it’s free), or simply just enjoy the easy-to-use forms on your own!  In any event, thanks for all the help, support, and contributions to so many that made this project come to life!  You all rock!

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