As promised (though a day late, I know…), the winner of the December Bonanza giveaway has been selected, and the annual honors go to PanShovel for his well-thought out image of sharing and cheer during the holiday season:

Pan Shovel - December Contest Winner

Thanks so much to all the participants for your wonderful images of Cheer!  It really did bring a smile to my face going through all the images and selecting a winner!  As always, the decision was quite difficult, but ultimately, the nod goes to Pan Shovel for the annual holiday giveaway.  As you all may recall, the prizes this year were donated by the good folks of Craft & Vision (David DuChemin), Thinktank Photo, and Photojojo for the books, bags and lenscap holder respectively.  So if you get a moment to check out their respective product lines, you can say thanks to them in your own way too!

The downside after all this excitement is that the January giveaway does not have a sponsor (same as last year), so this means the prize will be the ability to choose the theme for the February contest giveaway.  Think of January as a practicing month to take your own shots of whatever you find appealing.  No themes to restrict your creativity, but the rest of the standard rules apply:

1.  One photo per person

2.  Must be work-safe/family-friendly

3. Posted to the Flickr thread

4.  Largest side must be no more than 800px or less than 600px (this is only so that the winning image can be displayed well…)

5.  Taken within the last 60 days (preferably during the contest window)

6.  Images must be done by Feb 3rd (Friday).

7.  Theme is open (no theme)

8.  And most importantly, have fun!

Congrats again to Pan Shovel, and good luck to everyone in the coming months for the 2012 giveaways – keep the great shots and creativity churning!

4 thoughts on “December Bonanza Winner!

  1. Miguel A. says:

    Hi Miguel. My name is Miguel also and I am giovanni’s father. I like you am also a photographer and noticed your link when Giovanni sent me the notice that his shot of my granddaughter was selected as the December winter. I checked out your website and really enjoyed viewing your work especially the landscapes in HDR. I also enjoyed the shots of the blue heron. It is a beautiful bird that frequents my backyard often (usually trying to get at my koi fish in my pond). I do a lot of fine art photography and if you’d like to checkout some of my work my website address is I also have a Facebook page with some recent shots of England in the photos section. The Facebook address is Miguel’s Fine Art Photography. Again congrats on the fantastic work.

    Miguel A

  2. Wow I am honored!

    Thank you Jason for running the contest. I appreciate the effort you put in to this great blog!


  3. No theme? Jason? you really have been a little too busy lately. i’ve been away for a while but during 2012 i will make more effort to stay connected with you and your CB community.

    I hope you and the family had a wonderful christmas and are looking at an exciting 2012.

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