When it comes to creativity in photography, sometimes you just have to take what’s handed to you.  So, when the weather turns chilly, like it did recently here in Colorado, the snow makes for some great contrast in subjects.  To that end, as a means of “hopping back on the photo horse” after a three week bout with the flu, here’s some shots from the portfolio that serve as examples of how to capture contrast during snowy weather!



The soft lines of the snow against the hard edges of the numbers, plus the added black and white element of the snow and the background made this scene for me.  What about you?


For some reason, snow capped branches of anything always catch my eye.  A tweak of exposure adjustments, and a little contrast slider makes this strike a chord for my eyes.  What do you think?


The light dusting of snow, the dark green stairs, and the maroon brick background made for some nice contrast.  Added bonus that the angled lines of the railings and the squared lines of the bricks just added some more visual appeal for me.  Would you have taken the shot?


This is probably one of my favorite “almost never happened” shots.  It was taken on a photo walk a year or so ago, and it’s been sitting quietly in my portfolio for a while.  The dusting of snow, the black of the coal in the freight trains, then the slight hint of red just begged my camera to take the shot.  I almost didn’t because it was getting cold, but something told me to take it and I’m glad I did.  Are you?


The dusting of snow across a car window is something that I’ve always found appealing.  It’s almost peaceful, seeing the outlines that a dusting of snow takes when adhering to a window.  It may be boring to others, but the contrast of the white snow and the black of the window peeking through made it work for me!

2 thoughts on “Creative Contrast

  1. Worth capturing. Seldom you see such contrasts. You played really nicely with snow. Two thumbs up because it takes a lot of courage to go out in extreme cold weather.

  2. Yeh winter always is full with creative surprises. Just people need to know how to take advantage of it 😉 I like the photograph with the train loaded with coals!!!

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