The authors over at Craft and Vision have become synonymous with excellent writing, and this months release is no exception. For those who want to delve into off-camera flash, this is definitely the book for you! Titled “Making Light 2: Advanced Use of Off-camera Flash” the author Piet Van Den Eynde takes us way beyond the basics, and into realms of sync speeds, modifiers, multiple flashes and soft boxes.

Normally, new eBook announcements are done when it is first released so that people can take advantage of the discounted savings offers, but given my travel over the last seven days (Oklahoma City, Denver, Houston, Denver, and next up Springfield MO), I just didn’t have the time to get the material out.  Nevertheless, the value of this particular series (this is volume 2) goes well beyond even the normal retail rate of $5, so felt it worthy of mentioning even now.  Piet puts a lot of content into his books, and I think this one broke the record with 77 pages of content!

For those of you that are either interested in becoming more adept with off-camera flash or taking your existing knowledge base to the next level and getting shots that really will knock your socks off, this book (actually, I recommend the bundled compilation), this is an excellent reference.  Having it on my iPad makes for really easy access, and I can quickly thumb through it to get right to the bullet or nugget that I need.

Check one out today (each thumbnail view links you to the purchase page on the Craft and Vision site), and you’ll be taking great shots in no time at all!

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