With May officially in the books, I am happy to announce the latest winner of the LDP Contest Series.  We’ve had a ton of sponsors donate their products, software, and the like.  The sponsor for May was the good folks over at Hoodman, whom I’d like to thank for their generosity in contributing to the ongoing contest series!  Thank you so much!  I did a review of their Loupe last month on the blog (which you can read here).  And the contest winner for May gets to enjoy this fabulous camera accessory.  The participants all did a really great job this month with their efforts and some of the interpretations were just off the charts, cool!  Unfortunately though, there weren’t enough Hoodman Loupe’s for everyone, so the winner of the prize is…


Lakes Photo

Congrats and send me an email with your contact information so I can get your Hoodman Loupe out to you!


So, with the June contest now set to begin, I’d like to welcome a new sponsor to the lineup – the folks over at Camera Bits, makers of the reknowned Photo Mechanic!  After I talked with Kevin Mullins on the last podcast, decided I had to check it out.  What a cool piece of software – it loads full res versions of photos stunningly fast!  I can totally see why wedding and event photographers would use something like this to help expedite their work flow.  I used it to sift through about 500 photos from a recent shoot, and what would have taken me about 20 minutes in Lightroom took about 5 minutes with Photo Mechanic!  That’s a 75% time savings!

So, if you take that percentage out to the thousands of photos that are often associated with event photographers, that can translate to a huge reduction in post production!  It’s tempting for sure, and with the software valued at $150 retail, certainly well worth the investment!  You can get a fully licensed version of the software for free just by submitting your own image to the Flickr Contest thread here!  Good luck to everyone and thanks to the folks at Photo Mechanic for their generous contribution!

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  1. Jason, your link to the flickr contest (at the top of the home page) still links to the May contest instead of June.

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