Let’s face it: we have a lot to keep up on these days.  On top of managing our own social media footprints, there are magazines to read, forums to attend to (building and engaging with your own community of colleagues and friends), gear reviews, software tutorials, tech conferences, and then of course all the other life activities like laundry, cooking, cleaning, and all that other fun stuff that takes all of our time away from what we really enjoy doing:  creating content!  So, which is more important: consuming or creating content?

But if you look at all the other stuff that goes on instead of creating content, what it boils down to is that we spend most of our time consuming content versus creating content.  Thus begins the debate over how much time should be spent on consumption versus creation.  It’s a question creative ask themselves all the time:  “why does it seem I spend only X% of my time creating and Y% doing other stuff?”

The answer to the question of consuming versus creating content can be traced to a root “problem”: we are always learning.  Anyone who stands up and says they know everything about any subject is feeding you a polished pile of…well, you get the idea!  I contend that we are always learning (consuming content).  If you are reading a magazine, you are learning new material.  If you are perusing another artists portfolio (yes, even your friends), you are learning about what inspires others (and may in turn inspire yourself).  Watching tutorials?  Yep, that’s learning new tips and tricks too!  Notice a trend here?  Hopefully by now you see that consumption is just another word for learning!

So, never be afraid of saying that you are consuming more than you are creating – consuming is just a fancy word for learning, and learning is good!  What are you consuming today?

Swimming Duckling

Editor Note:  I wrote this several years ago, but it seems particularly salient lately as I have been creating much less than I have been historically.  I've been in more of a consumption mode lately, which means I am reading a lot, listening to other podcasts, and much more.  While that means the blog here has languished, it has given me a bit of time off to rekindle my own creative juices - which are definitely now brimming with ideas.  Suffice to say, I believe some new content may be forthcoming!

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