We’ve heard the pundits all over talking about gear and vision, software, and post processing, but rarely is the aspect of color talked about.  Vague references to the sRGB color space, Adobe RGB and others sometimes crop up in photo discussions.  We are, of course, talking about the presentation component of your photos, and this is perhaps the most important, because this is what the customer sees!  And whether it’s someone on your website, prints in your gallery, or any other portfolio presentation – you have to make sure your colors are accurate!  Without accuracy, the ability to reproduce efficiently and effectively is seriously hampered.

It’s no picnic to dive into color spaces, and color work flow management, but having an understanding past the “it looks nice in the camera” phase is important if you want people to take you seriously.  Thankfully, it’s really not as difficult as first glances would seem, and if you want to gain a measure of control – stop over to the Live Learning Lab webinar tonight!  Hosted by myself and Kerry Garrison (of Camera Dojo), in partnership with Nations Photo Lab, we’ll be tackling the fundamentals of color management, which spaces to work in, and what profiles and calibrations, and all that jazz is about.

So, whether it’s pucks and monitors, prints and photo labs, colors and tones, we’ve got you covered.  It’s a free broadcast, and starts tonight at 7pm Mountain time (6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern), so stop in for a fun and lively discussion, where we’ll also take live questions from the audience!  Here’s the link to enjoy the show:

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