Photography Reflections

Water Reflections

Photography Reflections

After last week’s post where I asked for your thoughts, a number of readers have voted for more articles.  This is great insight, and thanks to everyone who stopped in to vote.  It gave me a lot to consider and reflect on in terms of where the next chapter of this photography blog takes me, you, and us – sort of a photography reflections, if you will.

Part One – To continue or not

Part of the goal there was to see where you wanted me to take the blog, or even if it is worth pursuing further.  As we all know, the time to devote to hobbies is a precious commodity which many of us have in short supply.  This means that in order for me to justify the time spent – whether it’s personal gratification or financial, or even a kind word now and then, at least one if not many of those elements need to be present.

With the supersaturation of blogs, articles, podcasts and content in the photography space, it’s hard to justify from a financial or the support of the online community.  No one comments on blogs anymore it seems – at least, I should say from my perspective that is the case.  Others may command a large audience, but I am definitely not in the top producers of content in terms of “market share”.  Others are better at it, can devote more time to it, and can reap rewards from all of the above three categories.

This means that the only reason I have anymore is personal gratification.  It’s tough to justify continuing to publish content when it seems I am speaking to a silent audience, so I would ask that if you like an article, post, or other topic – please let me know.  I like to see comments, insights, thoughts, and feedback from others.  If you’re so inclined to say thanks – consider buying me a cup of coffee to help with the ongoing cost of maintaining this site.  I have decided not to pursue ad revenue or eBook revenue at this time primarily because the market share/visibility just isn’t there.

These are my mental reflections from over the last seven days.  But in keeping with that themne – I have some photographic reflections to share as well.  This time of year is great for reflection-themed photography because it’s nearly Spring!  Lots of rain means lots of puddles, and the reflections that can come from these environments can really be a lot of fun.  It doesn’t matter whether you are shooting with an SLR, a mirrorless, point-and-shoot, or even your smart phone  – it’s more about creating compelling content.  Case in point – three photos I took last week:

image1 image2 image3