Skin in the Game

USA Pro Bicycling

Whenever photogs start conversations with me about their gear, their studios, their work, or any other such thing, I get a lot of questions.  Once we get the normal fun stuff out of the way (new gear, new shoot locations,…

The Photographic Alphabet


With such an abundance of acronyms in the world, it’s no surprise that the photography world is also full of them.  Whether we’re talking about AF (Auto-Focus), PSDs (PhotoShop Document), Tv (shutter priority), or anything else, the alphabet soup can…

Portrait Lighting Basics – Part Two

Lower Angled Lighting

Previously on the blog, I took a look at various lighting positions and their impact on portrait lighting.  We looked at scenarios where the light is in front of, behind, and off to an angle on our subject. Check out…

Portrait Lighting Basics – Part One

Light Behind Your Subject

When it comes to photography and lighting, so many are immediately put off that they go running off into the night, panicking unnecessarily.  Previously on the blog I had talked about how to set up a flash with an umbrella,…

Do You Need a Tripod for Macro Photography?

Joe Farace Photography

Yes but you need it for everything else too! In this time of high-tech image stabilized and vibration reduction lenses as well as anti-shake capabilities built into cameras from Sony, Olympus, and Pentax, you might wonder if you even need a tripod? I think so and let me tell you why: