Sorry all, I hate to go into the weekend without a post to give you some things to read and/or do, but we are closing on our new house here in Colorado today, so there’s just too much to do, including packing, moving, coordinating utilities, and a whole smorgasboard of other things going on – not the least of which is the disconnection of cable/internet at our current address.

Without venturing too far into an actual post today, let me just say I am pretty darn tired of boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape and stairs!

3 thoughts on “Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Packing Tape and Stairs!

  1. Hey Jason,
    Hope your house moving has gone well. It can be very stressful and I know a thing or two about it. I have moved houses 6 times in the last 8 years. The first 3 times, we had gone through excruciating pain. After that my family got used to it. You do something too many times, you just have a knack of doing it. There are techniques that I’ve learnt as the years went by. Here are few of them:

    Prepare a detailed plan and checklist for your move. This should include an accurate and detailed budget so costs don’t get out of control.
    •Get quotes from multiple furniture removalists. Price is important, but it should not be the only determining factor of the removalist’s that you choose.

    •Don’t over-schedule. Planning for your furniture removalists to load your household furniture, to have cleaners in (or clean the house yourself) and to catch an afternoon flight is a recipe for disaster.

    •Let your kids be involved in all aspects of the furniture removal. Allow them to help pack, find your new home, plan out their new bedroom, etc. Moving house can be dangerous, so always keep their safety in mind.

    •Cancel or update details for subscriptions, newspaper deliveries, gym memberships, etc.

  2. I remember too many personal moves too many times.

    And too many boxes in our attic that have never been opened since we moved!

  3. Good luck man, I know the feeling. We close on our new house in Loveland next Friday. It’ll be back to crazy moving again. Isn’t this relocating to Colorado stuff tiring?

    Good thing it’s friggin’ beautiful to keep us going…

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