I know that the topic of black and white photography has been covered quite a bit…people have talked about it ad infinitum across the web.  Heck, I’ve even covered some of it here on the blog, looking at things like Black and White Adjustments in Lightroom, Conversion Options, and my Top Five Conversion Techniques.

Suffice to say, there is something special about black and white photography.  There always seems to be some powerful emotional draw about it.  I’m not sure if it’s the contrast between the bright and dark parts of the imagery, or some other intangible, but many people have tried black and white with varying effects.  I’ve even seen some people take it to a very powerful extreme in the form of IR photography, modifying cameras to achieve the look or going for it in their post production.  For that reason, I’d encourage you to consider adding some black and white to your portfolio, just for a sense of counterpoint from time to time.

I was dabbling a little with it over the weekend, and came out with several striking images myself – just going through various post production techniques.  Here’s a sampling of those images:

Botanical Gardens Path

Christmas Lights at Chatfield

Aerial Chopper Photography


Magnolia Gardens

Bull Island, SC

2 thoughts on “Black and Whites

  1. These photos look so simple but elegant. It is because of the black and white colors use by the photographer. I like the photos in black and white.

  2. Beautiful! I have to admit, my work is always full of color but you have inspired me to explore B&W a bit more. It doesn’t work for every portrait but it changes the whole thing so quickly.

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