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It’s All in the Timing


About two weeks ago I was taking the dog for her morning constitutional in the park. I was particularly struck by the fall foliage that surrounded me: Fast forward two weeks to yesterday afternoon: It’s not quite the same scene…

Moments in Time


The art of photography is a combination of a number of things. ¬†While the litany of “things” that encompass what truly makes an image good versus boring is open to conjecture, I would propose a short list of the following:

Did You Know That…

Lightroom Interface

Your images contain a whole host of information that you may not even be seeing? The header information in your photos contain something called EXIF data.

Three Photo Tips


If you really want to take great pictures, it’s like anything else. You need to practice, practice, and then practice some more. Someone somewhere said it takes 10,000 hours to become really proficient at anything. Whether that’s 10,000 hours of…

Hardware Review: Rogue Flash Benders

Best Control

One of the most common search criteria on Google that coincides with photography is that of lighting.¬† It’s no surprise as photography really is all about the light, and when making and taking photos (yes, there’s a difference), one of…