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Photography Reflections

Water Reflections

Photography Reflections After last week’s post where I asked for your thoughts, a number of readers have voted for more articles.  This is great insight, and thanks to everyone who stopped in to vote.  It gave me a lot to…

What Do You Want


Happy Wednesday to the World! As you may have noticed, CanonBlogger has been a bit silent lately.  I’ve sporadically made some posts of new content here and there, but with such a plethora of other photography blogs, podcasts, and sites…

Color Mechanics and Your Camera


When it comes to photography, one of the most important things to consider outside of composition is is color mechanics.  Color mechanics and how your camera interprets color is always a topic that makes for great discussion.  In fact,  I’ve touched…

Consuming Versus Creating Content

Swimming Duckling

Let’s face it – we have a lot to keep up on these days. On top of managing our own social media footprints, there are magazines to read, forums to attend to (building and engaging with your own community of colleagues and friends), gear reviews

Merry Creative Christmas

Merry Christmas

Once the wrappings are all torn off, the glitter vaccuumed, and you think you’ve had enough family time today is probably when you’ll end up here, reading what all the bloggers have to say. Ok, here’s my thought for the…