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Color and Your Camera


In the past I’ve touched on the topic of color and your camera/monitor as it relates to photography… Color and It’s Impact on File Size The Power of Color 5 Elements of Control #2 – Color Hot and Cold Lighting…

Consuming Versus Creating Content

Swimming Duckling

Let’s face it – we have a lot to keep up on these days. On top of managing our own social media footprints, there are magazines to read, forums to attend to (building and engaging with your own community of colleagues and friends), gear reviews

Merry Creative Christmas

Merry Christmas

Once the wrappings are all torn off, the glitter vaccuumed, and you think you’ve had enough family time today is probably when you’ll end up here, reading what all the bloggers have to say. Ok, here’s my thought for the…

Tis The Season


With everyone offering Black Friday, Cyber Monday and super savings on a variety of products, it seems only fitting that the 49 Photo TIps Bundle also jump into the fray for the holidays, so, without further ado – for a…

SLR’s and Self-Cleaning

Sensor Versus Mirror

I’ve written several times on the blog about cameras and sensor dust, which you can review here, here, and here (5 Ways to Clean, 5 Times to Clean, and 5 Ways to Avoid Dust).  I’ve also elaborated a bit on…

Think Negative – not Positive

Negative Space

Sounds odd doesn’t it?  Yet believe it or not, the use of something called negative space can be very powerful in photography.  But what is negative space?  The term is kind of hard to describe in words, but the best…