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Shooting Time Lapse Photography with an Intervalometer

As always, I must apologize for the lengthy delays between posts here - been busy on many fronts. I've had some fun updates lately that are worth sharing though as my brother-in-law just purchased an 80D and his questions to me have given me new interest in putting out some content to share here on the blog. Toward that end, I have put my trusty rusty 40D up for sale (so if anyone is interested, let me know - I'll give you a pretty sweet deal! 🙂 ).

Additionally, with questions coming in to my mailbox regularly (and also through Quora), the subject of time lapse photography (and of course the related question about intervalometers) has resurfaced for me to address.  For regular visitors, you may recall a while back I posted an article about them here: An Interva what?

In answering a question on Quora, I also decided to record a video to share with those that are interested as well. Here's the full monty:

I've also covered shooting time lapse content before on your mobile device (for me I used an iPhone). You can watch that time lapse video here:

Along those lines, there's more content to come! 🙂 I've been playing around with videos on the 70D, time lapse, and much more, so be sure to stay tuned as I hope to be updating on a much more frequent basis moving forward! Happy shooting!

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