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Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Hello all, and apologies for the quiet nature of things for the last few weeks.  Life, as always, has a way of interfering with what we have to do versus what we  want to do.  Nevertheless, you must always take a break to do some of the fun things – smell the roses as it were.  As such, here’s a peaceful montage of our new pup of 5 months (she’s 7 months old as of this writing) whilst at Lake Erie over Labor Day weekend.

Just further evidence that you must always take time to enjoy life, otherwise, why is it worth living? And always keep a camera with you – all of these were done with my smart phone – iPhone 5S)

What is everyone elses

plans for their holiday breaks?

Take Time to Play


Ever feel like your creativity is  at a standstill?  Something got it on hold?  The common belief is that creative or mental blocks come from trying too hard to actually be creative.  So, how can we stop trying to hard? …

Beautiful Bokeh

Beer 2 Bokeh

Over the weekend, I was taking some time to review some new hardware (not done testing yet, so gotta wait there) and I was testing in various types of lighting conditions, and at various burst rates.  During the course of…

Hawking your wares…


It sounds painful, and in the current climate, it can be.  For some though, this phrase may not sound familiar, so let me expand a little here – I am talking about selling your pictures.  It’s competitive for sure, as…

5 Point and Shoots Under $250


Cameras are everywhere. Every cell phone these days has a built in one. Many folks tend to notice though that a cell phone camera has limitations on functionality, and look at getting a dedicated camera to take better quality pictures.…

Picking a Good Flash Battery

Eneloop Batteries from Sanyo

As with anything, photographers perform a natural progression with their flashes.  We start with the built-in flash, then quickly move to an added flash.  Said flash then becomes external, but still tethered to the camera, until finally we liberate the…