Many of you have patiently been awaiting the winner of the April contest winner announcement, as well as the details for the May, er…Summer Contest Announcement, so today is going to answer a lot of questions for these folks!  I am happy to announce first off, that the winner of the April contest is…..(insert drumroll):

April Contest Winner - Sue90CA
 Thanks to all for their contributions – and Sue, you are the winner of the Lightroom 4 DVD from Laura Shoe!  Please drop me a line via email or Flickr msg to have the details coordinated on getting your DVD set to you!
And now, for the Summer schedule….here’s the details you all have been waiting for!
1. Two photos per person
2. Must be work-safe/family-friendly
3. Posted to the Flickr thread
4. Largest side must be no more than 800px or less than 600px (this is only so that the winning image can be displayed well…)
5. Taken within the contest Window of May – July
6. Images must be done by Sunday, JULY 29th!  (Yes, you have nearly 3 months on this contest!)
7. Theme is SUNNY
8. And most importantly, have fun!
So, some special notes for this contest – the winner will proudly claim the DVD prizes I mentioned earlier in the week – a DVD from Ibarionex R Perello and one from Chris Orwig!  The Flickr thread will go live this weekend, but that’s no excuse for starting to take your own shots now!  Any shots from May 1st through July 29th are eligible (and yes, we will continue using the honor system there…)
Good luck to all, and thanks to Laura for the April donation!  See you next Monday!  Happy shooting!

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  1. hey congrats on tha .. and nice blog by the way … i’d love to see more of these soon ..

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