Miguel Palaviccini

His image, clearly thinking “outside the box” of a taxicab in NYC just jumped off the page for me:

Miguel Palaviccini on Flickr

So, Miguel, drop me a line via the blog or Flickr to claim your Streetwalker Pro and I’ll get this shipped out to you in short order!  Congrats to Miguel, and thanks to everyone who participated – this was an excellent month with lots of great ideas, creativity, and inspirational types of imagery!

With July in the books, I’ve got a really cool product up that saved my bacon more than I’d care to remember.  it came to me from none other than David Ziser when I attended his workshop here in Denver.  He had mentioned a little product called PhotoRescue and it does exactly what you’d think – recovers photos off a card that were deleted accidentally!  Sheer brilliance in design, and even affordable to the tune of $30 if you end up not winning the giveaway!  Here’s the nuts and bolts:

1.  Two images per person

2.  Work/family safe

3.  Shared via the Flickr thread here

4.  Downloadable by me (so I can announce you as the winner on the blog)

5.  Deadline is August 31st (this is a Wednesday too, so not a weekend as is the norm)!

6.  This is a software product so the key is distributable globally which means – no country border limit!

7.  And the theme is…”SAVE!

So, enjoy it, embrace it, and win!  Some extra goodies may be added depending on how sponsorships and such pan out in the next week or so! Hint hint – more coming than what meets the eye! 😉  Thanks to the folks at DataRescue for the sponsorship, support, etc.

4 thoughts on “And the Winner of the ThinkTank StreetWalker is…

  1. cool shot and a nice effect, there were some very good entries again this month

  2. Miguel Palaviccini says:

    Hey! Thanks for picking my photo! I’ll send you an email soon. Some of the images submitted were brilliant as well.

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