Thank you for your interest in advertising with Canon Blogger.  Here are the standard ad rates and details for 2013:

Ad Rate:
Per 01 month = $100
Per 06 month = $500
Per 12 month = $900
Ads are placed above the fold for the first month (you can request left or right side).  After the first month, placement rotates on a random schedule.  if you’d like yours to be fixed above the fold for the duration of an ad contract, an additional $25/month will be added to your invoice.
All ads should be set to 200px square by default.  If you have a smaller ad size, the placement will be centered within the 250px square space.  Larger ads require a custom quote.
Link to/Landing Page:
All ads must either link to the homepage for your website, or a custom-built landing page if offering a discount on products or services. Links cannot go to affiliate-specific pages – it must be your own website or client landing page.
Ad Content:
All content must have some relationship to photography and/or technology (i.o.w. pharma ads not permitted).
To request additional information, please direct your inquiry to me and be sure to include the following details:
  1. Size of ad
  2. Term length
  3. Content/Topic area
  4. A graphic/thumbnail preview of the ad you wish to use
  5. The URL you wish to direct traffic to
  6. Your name/email

All advertising is billed monthly.  One-time payments or reduced rates can be obtained for contracts lasting 6 months or longer.  Effective 8/31/2013, email inquires will not be responded to if your inquiry does not include all of the above details.

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