October Monthly Contest Launches

The October edition of the Monthly Contest Series begins today, and the lucky winner for this contest will go home with a Think Tank Retrospective shoulder bag.  I loved this bag when I reviewed it at the beginning of the summer!  It’s been sitting patiently for the fall contests to resume, so it literally is brand new and ready to go to a good home!  That home can be yours!  All you have to do is submit your photo to the contest thread over on Flickr.  You do need to have a Flickr account, but those are free to set up, so don’t delay, enter today!

Here’s some details from the review:

Naturally, you’ll be wondering where on Flickr to go to submit your images, so if you look in the upper left corner of the website here, there’s a handy little link to the Monthly Contest Series, and the current prize for the giveaway.  Think Tank Retrospective 20

Last but not least, you’ll want the details on what guidelines and requirements are for image submission, so here goes:

1. Two photos per person

2. Must be work-safe/family-friendly

3. Posted to the Flickr thread here

4. Largest side must be no more than 800px or less than 600px (this is only so that the winning image can be displayed well…)

5. Taken within the contest Window of Sept-October of 2012

6. The deadline for submission is October 31st – and the winner will be announced November 2nd!

7. Theme is CARRY And most importantly, have fun!

5 comments for “October Monthly Contest Launches

  1. at

    Was the winner announced? I am not sure where too look if so.

  2. at

    Hi Jason, first few times visiting your site. I like it, very interesting content. I was just wondering where you announce the winners of your monthly contest?

  3. at

    Yes, they are – I need to be more careful with my copy/paste! LOL The due date is October 31st so naturally the images must be taken by then. The post will be updated shortly…

  4. Bill

    Hi, I’m wondering how we are suppose to have taken the photo by Sept 30 when you just announced the theme today on October 5?

    • at

      Yeah, me too… I assume items 5) and 6) are vestigial requirements from the September contest?

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