Ahhh!  This Saturday for the first time in a long time I have an open day to sip my coffee and peruse some of the news and nuggets that have passed through my social media, email, and forum venues.  Quite a few have piled up, so I thought that this might be a good and fun change of pace to have sort of a weekend round up.  So, if you’ll pardon the cheesy graphic I did in about 60 seconds in Photoshop, go ahead and enjoy this over your own morning (or afternoon) beverage of choice.  As always, if you’ve got your own news nuggets or items of interest, feel free to share in the comments section!

Image Wizards sent me an email announcing a huge sale they are having through the end of the month – BOGO and 40% off edge-to edge prints!  Use promo code NYBOGO40 to take advantage of this great offer!

The Battle at F-Stop Ridge got it’s second installment – great fun to watch – check it out here!

With all the furor over the SOPA and PIPA legislation pending in the House and Senate, there’s been a lot of dialog and heated discussion.  One resource that was particularly interesting and seemed to keep personal bias out of things I learned about is here.

A fun diversion is this site called Pinterest where it kind of combines the concept of Twitter and bookmarks.  It ties into Facebook and seems to be getting some draw.  I may have to sign up as photography is an interesting one to pin based on what I’ve seen so far.  Check it out here.

Photoshelter recently released a new handy guide called The Photographer’s Social Media Handbook.  Free, and it has some decent enough info in there – worth sharing your email address to get a copy…

GoPro sends me a “video of the week” in my email and they are all pretty amazing, but this one just dropped my jaw:  GoPro Video  (and yes, I have been asking for a review copy of one of these to report to y’all on how well it really works – no dice yet!)

I have the distinct honor of having Mr Joe Farace joining me on the next episode of Learning Digital Photography podcast.  We’re scheduled in the next few days or so, and the topic is Portraiture and Lighting, so if you’ve got any Q&A you’d like us to answer on the show – chime in with your own questions for answering and we’ll see if we have time to get to it!

So, there’s the 7 picks for this beta edition of what I am calling a “Weekend Edition”  (kind of like the Saturday Evening Post). Like the post?  Like the picks?  Got your own?  Lots of potential for feedback here, so feel free to share your own thoughts and such in the comments!  Happy Shooting!

6 thoughts on “7 Weekend Picks

  1. even before reading the full artcial i scanned over it and my eye was drawn to the word “FREE” (always a good way to get my attention). so i’ll be having a read of ‘The Photographer’s Social Media Handbook’. in a minute, cheers Jason ; )

    Never seen ‘BOGO’ used in the UK, in my past life i did lost of work with the large chain supermarkets here and they loved their BOGOF’s (But One Get One Free). The child inside me always enjoyed saying BOG-OFF in meetings, I know ‘childish’ but we all ned some fun.

  2. Question about the ImageWizards info; I’m doing a gallery show in the spring, so this is a pretty interesting deal to me. I’m kind of unclear on the deal; is it buy one, get one 40% off, or is it a two-option deal (buy one get one free, as well as get a frameless print 40% off)?
    I’d be interested in seeing the email if you could forward it to me; if not, that’s fine…

    1. Hi Michael,

      Here’s the full text of the email I got from Image Wizards:

      -BOGO stands for Buy One Get One, meaning you purchase one at normal price and get the discount off the second piece of lesser or equal value. It is not 40% off of all prints.

      -You cannot use this promo on previous orders.

      -You can use two different images and two different sizes. The discount is applied to the smaller, or less expensive of the 2.

      -You can do any size framed to edge piece from 12×20 up to 48×96”.

      -Any finish or frame color can be used.

      -There is no limit on the number of prints you can apply this to, as long as you purchase in multiples of 2, you get the 40% discount on the second print of each pair (of equal or lesser value)

      -Our website is currently only accepting one image at a time, so please send in two different uploads via our website or use http://www.wetransfer.com to send in multiples.

  3. It’s free, so no purchase required, and yes, I’ve read it… 🙂

  4. David Jule says:

    You’ve given a lot of resources here. I’d probably try to purchase this The Photographer’s Social Media Handbook! Have you read it yet?

    Thanks a lot! Good post!


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