Ever notice how some of the most stunning photos are ones that either have nothing in the background, or it’s so out of focus, that there really seems as though there’s nothing there?  There’s a reason why those are stunning!  It’s because your eye is not distracted by the clutter. Here are five ways to make your own backgrounds less evident:

1.  Look for the negative space

If you get low, you can often shoot your subject against the blank space of a blue sky, or even the gray clouds.  Even something as simple as a flag on a flagpole can be a powerful image if you have the background to support the desired impact you wish to convey.

Flag with a Background

2.  Drop Your Aperture

Dropping your aperture is the easiest way to blur a distracting background.  Setting the f-stop to f4 or lower can almost always produce this result, provided of course, that your subject isn’t right up against that distracting set of bushes, cars, or whatever it is you want to blur.

3.  Bring Your Subject Closer

As just mentioned, if your subject is a lot closer to you, your background will gradually start to fall out of focus.  If you want the background to fall off even more quickly, then Step 2 would be a great option.

4.  Use A Wider Lens

Yup, believe it or not a wider lens will help blur your background as well.  Here’s why…when shooting with a wider lens, you tend to be closer to your subject.  When you are closer to your subject, the background drops out of focus quicker, and when the background drops out of focus quicker, it becomes less of a distraction! (Isn’t it amazing how all these things are related? 🙂  ) Plus, you can get some really fun photos that way too!

Wide Angle Lens

Try these tips the next time you go out to take and make pictures.  By looking at things in different ways, and trying new techniques, your backgrounds will drop off and people will focus on your subject!

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