2012 in Review


Something different, yet appropriate for the blog this year, as we close into the final hours of 2012 – a look back on the year.  It was a crazy busy year for me with a new training position, which I love, but which kept me traveling extensively throughout the U.S.  Thanks to the folks over at Worpress.org, I got a nice little summary based on the Jetpack plugin, that were fun to read through.  Some that may be of interest to the readership:


Total Visitors for the Year:

170,000 visitors (that’s more than 3x the population of Liechtenstein apparently)

Total Posts for the Year:

155 (bringing the grand total to 847 posts and articles)

Who viewed the blog?:

Most of you are U.S. folks, but a substantial reader base hails from Canada, UK, and Australia

Reader support:

The readers who contributed the most by virtue of their comments are Michael Petersheim, Bryan Farrell, Miguel Palaviccini, Walter Lustig, and Rich.  (Got some website link love comin’ back at y’all…also, if you don’t own a copy of the DIY tips eBooks, drop a comment here or send me an email and a copy will be sent gratis as my own way of saying thanks for all your support over the year!)

Most Popular Posts:

The moment, you’ve all been waiting for – the most popular posts from 2012.

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What’s coming in 2013?

So, the final question is what people can be looking forward to in the new year.  While nothing is set in stone, I am hoping to put together content that is more portable that you can take with you anywhere.  Specifically, eBooks!  Downloadable, readable, viewable, and useful eBooks chock full of information, ranging in topic from gear to creativity, technique, and a host of other subject matter.  The ideal goal is one per month, but don’t hold me to that, as we never know what the future may bring.  But, you can bet that at least the first few months will be geared toward those ends.

The 49 Tips books are all well and good, but they are more reference guides than substantial reading material that you can sink your teeth into.  My hope is to generate content that you can take with you, read at your leisure, and gain a valuable education, learning experience, or meaningful insights into this art form of photography!  The first should be coming out in the next week or so here, so be sure to stay tuned!  That’s just one of several resolutions I’ve set for 2013…

As so many of us do, there are others as well.  I’ll keep those in reserve though, and open the comments for you to share your own resolutions!  Feel free to share your own thoughts and hope for 2013, but most importantly, in the meantime, enjoy 2013, and keep on shooting!

Got New Gear?

Holding an SLR

So, the presents have been opened, the lunch has been gobbled down, and the kids over-stimulation has sent them into a frenzy of running around outside.  Now what?  Well, if you’re here, it’s likely because you got some new gear for Christmas.  So, first off, congratulations on the new gear – I am sure that on some level, I’ll be green with envy.

The good news is that learning all about your new gear is all right here!  Because regardless of gear, some techniques work across platforms and are part of the “timeless technique” of the field.  One of the most basic of these is learning how to hold your gear properly.  This is one of those things that often isn’t covered in manuals, but if you stopped in here, you’re just in time to check out the videos I’ve prepared just for this purpose.  Check out how to hold a Point and Shoot, iPhone, or SLR camera below:

Point and Shoot Technique:

iPhone (or any smart phone):


How to Hold Your SLR

Holding an SLR

As you can tell from the videos and articles, this is not just about Canon gear.  Anyone with any gear can improve their craft with sound technique and practice.  So, as we move toward 2013, keep this in mind.  More tk, and enjoy the holiday!

Does Santa Really Exist?

My dad has always been very fastidious around the Yuletide .  Pine needles from the tree are to be swept up daily.  We heated our home with a wood stove, so wood had to be chopped, split, kindling prepared, etc.  We needed to take care to remove all splinters, wood shavings, ashes, etc. regularly. It was so ingrained in us that to this day its effects have not been completely erased, and I find myself hanging shirts on white hangars and pants on black plastic hangers.  Yes, we’re a bit OCD!

So, one year (I think I was 10, my siblings 12 and 14) the kids were all starting to really doubt whether this big fat guy in a red suit climbed down our fireplace with a bag of gifts.  I’d stuck my head inside the fireplace that summer to see how big the opening really was and I was afraid I’d get stuck, let alone a fat guy!  Uh huh….sure mom and dad, whatever!  Apparently my dad got wind of that.  On Christmas Eve, he dragged out his old cold weather boots from his Army days (he called them Mickey Mouse boots), dipped them into the ash bucket (cooled ashes), and then clomped around the tree and the fireplace in them.  He then got some carrots and gnawed off enough to leave the ends all chewed and tossed them out into the snow.

Santa Soles

The next morning all of us woke up to my dad loudly grousing around and threatening to call the authorities at the mess.  All three of us went downstairs, saw the huge footprints of soot, presents around a tree and a lump of coal in my Dad’s stocking!  Even my brother was fooled for another couple years!

I love telling this story, but what’s missing?  (The one above is from the website http://www.santasoles.net – seems others have had the idea since then…)  Anyway, the problem is I have nothing but memories of that day – no photos!  The moral?  If you’ve got your own stories and memories for Christmas, be the annoying one to take photos of them!  Never forget to take photos – it’s a special time of year and photography can keep the child alive in all of us!  Merry Christmas!  Share your photos of how you would capture that story!