LDP Podcast #65: My Conversation with Joe Farace…

Joe Farace Blog

The first podcast of 2012 is now ready for your listening pleasure!  I had the distinct honor of talking with long time photographer and author Joe Farace!  A contributing writer for Shutterbug Magazine, and author of several blogs, it was a great way to kick off the new year!  We had a great chat for about 45 minutes (on the record anyway)…and talked about everything from posing models, to lighting them, as well as some travel photography…heck, we even talked cars for a bit too!

Joe Farace Blog

Thanks to Joe for taking the time to talk too – here’s his info and the show notes:

Joe Farace
Joe Farace Photography Blog
Joe Shoots Cars
I Hate Popcorn
Joe Farace on Facebook
Joe on Twitter

And I thought I was a socialite online!  Joe really takes it to the next level!  And you can hear the passion and excitement in his voice too – he really just loves photography… and life!  It’s contagious too – I’ve got a few seeds ready to sow myself….(more on that later)!

Here’s the rest of the show notes:

  • The ABC’s of posing
  • Corrective posing
  • Adorama learning center –  softboxes versus umbrellas
  • Shoot the centerfold – seminars
  • www.matthewstaver.com

Just a great chat overall, and the nuggets, tips, and insights you’ll pick up are invaluable.  The show should be in your iTunes feeds shortly (if not already), but if you’d like to give a listen inline, here’s the show:

Resistance Is Futile

iPhone 4s

I’ve long been fond of my status as a “vendor-neutral” blogger.  Shortly after beginning this blog I realized that it’s not the camera that makes the photographer good, it’s who’s behind the lens that matters.  I’ve got many friends who are Nikonians, others who are Pentaxians, and even a few Olympains out there.  The camera doesn’t matter.  I still shoot Canon-centric gear…

Equally, I’ve worked my way up the heap in a predominantly Windows-world.  Beginning with Windows 3.1, 3.11 for workgroups, then on to 95, 98, the worst idea ever – Millenium, then on to XP, Vista (a.k.a. Windows 7 beta), and finally to Windows 7, I’ve become intimately familiar with the inner workings of each of these operating systems.  During that time I also became pretty familiar with Apple systems:   Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, and today’s Snow Leopard.

Last but not least, my phones started with the LG Flip Phone, before I migrated to a Blackberry, then an  HTC.  On the heels of that, I’ve also used the Samsung, Motorola Droid, Motorola Droid 2, and last but not least, the Motorola Droid X.  This past weekend, I finally caved…

iPhone 4s

I now am the owner of an Apple iPhone 4s.  The circle has been completed – working from home primarily on an Apple Macbook Pro, an iPad 2, and now an iPhone 4s – this Windows certified technology geek is now pretty much an Apple fanboy!  I gotta admit – it is pretty cool gear!  I do still work with Windows systems, primarily XP and 7 (along with the server equivalents), and am still pretty well-versed on the Android systems as well (I did a roll-out of over 250 phones on my last contract job including Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry, and Apple devices.)

I’ve resisted the single-source ownership of computing devices for as long as I could – but the deal was just too good to pass up (psst…thanks Verizon for being out of the iPhone 4….the 4s is a great device at the discounted rate I got!)  Why did I switch?  Touch screen more than anything else.  Every smart phone I’ve had (primarily the Motorolas), the touch screen has lost sensitivity to the point where I have found it difficult to even unlock the phone or answer a call.  My upgrade window at Verizon kicked in Jan 1st.  I debated long and hard about it as the iPhone 4 was a $100 upgrade cost, and the iPhone 4s was a $200 upgrade.

After trading in my Droid X and an old iPod Touch, I had about $94 in credit due…so figured for $6, I could try it once.  A visit to the store and I was told that the iPhone 4 was out of stock – would I be interested in the 4s?  Well sure, but I had not intended to pay more than my original upgrade cost.  Well, Mr. Anderson, since you’ve been a faithful Verizon customer for so long, let’s see what we can do.  I walked out of the store with the 4s for $6!  Sort of a no-brainer…

Are you resisting the trend?  What are your platforms?  Am I joining your fold or have I betrayed the open sourced cause?