Top Ten Travel Gadgets


After the last two weeks of traveling, I am a little whupped already.  But, in every cloud is a silver lining, as I noticed a few items that I would find useful on every trip.  With the idea of travel items in mind, I started asking my travel companions and online friends and forum members about what they consider “essential” travel accessories.  Photo gear made the list on several levels, including one that made the top ten!  So far I’ve seen 25 different items recommended by various people.


The ones that made the top ten:

Rank Item # Votes
01 Emergency/First Aid/Medical Kit 6 Votes
02 Eye Shades 4 Votes
03 Extension Cord 3 Votes
04 Ear Plugs/Noise-canceling headphones 3 Votes
05 International Adaptor 3 Votes
06 Swiss Army Knife 2 Votes
07 Bottled Water 2 Votes
08 Travel Blanket 2 Votes
09 iPad/Netbook 2 Votes
10  Camera 2 Votes

So, we made the top ten travel gadgets with the camera! Some other notable items that included camera type things were batteries, USB drives, and an extension cord (for charging electronics)!  Kind of a cheesy post for Friday, but it does make me wonder what people would consider their top ten photo accessories for their camera bag! 😉  What’s the census out there in photo land?  Got your own travel gadgets you must have?  Or even camera gadgets for your photo bag?  Sound off in the comments, and if enough crop up repeatedly, a poll may be in the future! Have a great Halloween, and don’t eat too much sugar!


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OKC (2 of 5)

9:02am is now permanently stuck in my memory.  After a recent trip through Oklahoma City, I had an opportunity for some sight-seeing after the work day was done, so my colleague and I stopped at the first place that came to mind – the site of the Oklahoma City bombing some 16 years ago.

It was a powerful memorial, and while I had always abstractly knew of the tragedy surrounding the events of OKC on that fateful day, seeing the memorial was quite a somber experience.  The site now consists of two walls, one oat each end of an infinity pool, and the marker on each wall with the time-stamp of 9:01 and 9:03, signifying the moment before and after the explosion.  The infinity pool represents the moment frozen in time.

In each wall, along with the time-stamp, is an opening leading to the skies beyond with light pouring through.  With evident symbolism, it was a quiet place where people come to pay their respects to the victims and to remember family and loved ones.  One gentleman I spoke with said that he comes to the site every day to remind him.
The other notable feature of the site is a series of high-backed chairs to the south side of the infinity pool.  With nearly 200 chairs in the chained-off area, there is one chair for each victim.  Taller chairs represented adults, and smaller chairs for children.  There were a lot of shorter chairs.  The whole scene was quite a bit to take in, and I had not expected such a rush of emotion after a day of training.  We left quietly, remembering the day anew.  Yet the residents and surviving friends and families likely remember every single day.  My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to those people.

Here are a few of the photos I was able to muster from the experience:


Craft and Vision New eBook

MakingLight Volume 2

The authors over at Craft and Vision have become synonymous with excellent writing, and this months release is no exception. For those who want to delve into off-camera flash, this is definitely the book for you! Titled “Making Light 2: Advanced Use of Off-camera Flash” the author Piet Van Den Eynde takes us way beyond the basics, and into realms of sync speeds, modifiers, multiple flashes and soft boxes.

Normally, new eBook announcements are done when it is first released so that people can take advantage of the discounted savings offers, but given my travel over the last seven days (Oklahoma City, Denver, Houston, Denver, and next up Springfield MO), I just didn’t have the time to get the material out.  Nevertheless, the value of this particular series (this is volume 2) goes well beyond even the normal retail rate of $5, so felt it worthy of mentioning even now.  Piet puts a lot of content into his books, and I think this one broke the record with 77 pages of content!

For those of you that are either interested in becoming more adept with off-camera flash or taking your existing knowledge base to the next level and getting shots that really will knock your socks off, this book (actually, I recommend the bundled compilation), this is an excellent reference.  Having it on my iPad makes for really easy access, and I can quickly thumb through it to get right to the bullet or nugget that I need.

Check one out today (each thumbnail view links you to the purchase page on the Craft and Vision site), and you’ll be taking great shots in no time at all!