Picking a Theme

We all get stuck in creative ruts, and are in search of ways to inspire ourselves.  Kerry Garrison (form Camera Dojo) and I talked about this last night while we explored the place that smart phones and their cameras have in the photography marketplace.  As the conversation went on (and on and on – we tend to digress a lot when we get to talking), we found ourselves talking about 365 projects, or photo-a-day projects, and ways to challenge yourself and come up with new topics to shoot. Read more

Cleaning House – Is Flickr your storage or showcase photos?

How do you know it’s time to clean the house?  For me it’s usually when i see a thin layer of dust, or when the dirty clothes pile exceeds the clean clothes pile.  Another definition would be when you run out of clean dishes (or start buying disposable because all the regular ones are still dirty.  We all have benchmarks that we use to decide when it’s time to “tidy things up”.  But – what about your photography portfolio?  Do you clean it up regularly? Read more