Come on Ride the Train

It’s somewhat fitting this week that yours truly is making serious use of the mass transit in Denver because a project that has finally come to fruition is a photo-themed shoot of trains.  I’ve always found them quite interesting, and only recently did I come into possession of a very high quality model train to pose as I desired for specific types of compositional and focal impressions.  Since the podcast isn’t quite finished, I figured now would be as good a time as any to share with you a sampling of my Train project…






So, there’s the “Train Series”.  I tried various lighting scenarios, depth of field, and compositional approaches to see the effect each has.  I know which one(s) I like the best – what about you?  Any favorites, thoughts, feedback, criqitues?  What about your own themed projects?  Any sources of inspiration?  feel free to share them in the comments section!   Happy shooting, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!

The basement is… FINISHED!

Okay, you might be inclined to skip today’s post since it is totally a personal post, but don’t do that because it still  has something to do with photography (I took some pics of the progress, but they are not really all that great n terms of image quality – horrible on-camera flash, poor lighting, and just no lighting).  Nevertheless, in the interests of full disclosure, this is more just a Monday brag session!

Additionally, I should also note that the project was finished a while ago (two maybe three weeks), but I am just now putting all the shots together and into a photo montage and tracked to music.  YouTube compression also takes away from it to a certain degree, but you can get the gist.  Thanks go out to my brother-in-law Bill, for letting me use a track off his bands’ CD.  if you want to know more about the band, they are called Billband, the CD is called “Blurred” and the track is called Original Blend.  They can be found at

And now – the basement slideshow:

Like the video? Think it was horrible?  Want to learn more about how to create engaging and interesting videos and slideshows?  Already know how?  Share your ideas,feedback, suggestions, and such in the comments either over at YouTube or here on the blog.   n the meantime, Happy Shooting and be sure to stop back tomorrow for the completed presentation of another project – the weekly podcast!

I’ve got friends in snow places

Okay, it’s a lame title, but my day has been centered around the blizzard conditions in and around the metro Denver area.  With some areas near where I live experiencing whiteouts, we had a fun time of things today wit traffic, early closures, and the whole 9 yards.  Tracy actually was the one who took the day off ahead of schedule (smart gal that wife of mine) and then braved the elements to come pick me up after the mass transit shut down service to my parking place.

After a fender bender of her own – we finally got home in one piece (but not the car).  Of course, in the midst of all of this, our dog Maggie was just happy as could be frolic-ing in the snow.  Props to Tracy for having the idea to take a few snaps!


But, all is not fun and games in Bronco/Rocky Mountain land.  I’ve been helping a friend work through a bad time, and things just took a turn for the worse with him a few days ago.  Let me set the stage here for hyou.  Imagine you are a Photoshop/Adobe guru.  You know the crap outta all things Adobe.  Working in the industry for roughly ten years.  Now, imagine the company hiring some young gun.   You’ve been asked to train a new guy, then after four months or so of teaching a wet-behind-the-ears newb how to do things, you get laid off.

You knew that was coming right?  Well, now, imagine this:  as work becomes more and more challenging to find (despite the fact that you have practically every Adobe certification that exists), your beloved pet comes down with a time-sensitive medical issue that requires surgery to fix.  And you have no dollaz to pay it!  That, my friends, is no picnic.  Yet that is exactly what happened to my good friend David Zarzacki.  Finally, after some pushing from me, he’s set up a blog to explain the status with his pet, and Paypal links for donations.  He’s had some very generous contributions, but is still only about a third of the way to having enough for the vet bills.  (It’s surgery, after all, which isn’t ever all that cheap to begin with!)

So, please, today, take a moment and stop over to the blog to help save Mojo!  Make a contribution, even if it’s only a dollar or two.  And if you can’t contribute financially, then help spread the word by making a Twitter post, or a comment on your own blog – heck even just comments, thoughts, and prayers are welcome.  Every little bit helps!

Anyway, enough of the friends and snow places – I’ve rambled enough for the week.  I’ll leave off with the link to Mojo’s site.  Happy Shooting all and we’ll see you back here on Monday!  Have a great weekend:

Help Save Mojo

Thanks in advance to all that take the time to visit, share their thoughts, prayers, and contributions.