Uh Oh…

I spent too much time surfing after dinner and not focusing on the tutorial…and paying the price now.  I just finished cleaning things up and am entering the 2nd half of production.  I fear with he time being 10:30pm, it might not get out until after midnight.  But, in the meantime, I had an interesting dialog this evening on a stock agencies forums debating the question of whether fine art and stock photography can co-exist in the same market.  The discussion never had a resolution, but it did open my eyes to a few outlets online for those who are interested in marketing their fine art photography.  I suspect that may be part of an article that may emerge from the weekend!  In the meantime, the tutorial should be finished and ready for download once you wake up in the morning.  So, for now I’ll bid all a good night, and again, apologies for the belated tutorial this week.

Oh Yeah – GO GIANTS! 

Walking Wounded on Wednesday

The Online Photographer

Well, it seems my wife’s illness was a little more contagious than anticipated. Suffice to say the bug bit me and with this lethargy the already belated Tuesday tutorial will have to wait another day. In the meantime, the usual Wednesday rounds seem appropriate. So, here’s my wounded walk around the web from Wednesday:

  • Check out The Online Photographer for a unique opportunity. It’s a call for photos on his companion site, www.photoborg.org
  • The Digital Photography show has their latest podcast available for download as they head out for the PMA show.
  • And of course, Photoshop User TV has their weekly video podcast up for viewing – and the ultimate question: “Who’s the Greatest Poobah?”

With PMA into full swing, Canon has announced it’s latest generation of camera bodies, the 450D, and Nikon has answered with its own D60. Other gear announcements are also filling the currents, but these are the two biggies for the last week. There’s a decent comparison analysis done on another blog, so feel free to read it here For the rest of the Photo Marketing Associations news, visit their news line online

Hopefully I’ll be back on my feet tomorrow (Thursday), or shall I say later today – since it’s almost midnight, to get out the tutorial. Until then, happy shooting and, as always, watch those apertures!

waterfront pier

waterfront pier, originally uploaded by Canon Jason.

I’ve finally taken some time to get some of my pictures processed and online both on my dedicated photo site, and on Flickr. Since Flickr has this means of posting to the blog built in, it makes a handy means of sharing my photos back to the blog as well. So…here’s a random Pic of the Day. The tutorial should be out late tomorrow (Wed.) night. In the meantime, happy shooting everyone, and as always, watch your apertures! 🙂