Weekend Wrap-up

Quite a few newsworthy things happened between Friday and today.  The legendary Scott Kelby gives us his top ten (actually 11) blogs to visit – among them those of fellow gurus, Matt Kloskowski and  Dave Cross.  Others that made the list include Moose Peterson, John Nack, and David Ziser.  While it’s always fun to see what others, the best part is that he invites others to post their favorites in his comments section.  Given the visibility of Scot’s blog on the internet, many are obviously taking obvious advantage of the opportunity to shamelessly plug their own sites.  So…it’s become quite an extensive list of blogs, and CB shall take advantage of the opportunity itself here before the day is over.   I’d highly recommend stopping over to see what fun stuff is there for useful info.

In other news, there’s a great tip on Strobist for implementing a ring light in a pinch.

Since this is the Canon Blogger, I should probably give a nod to DPReview on their informative analysis of two new Canon printers, the Selphy ES2 and the ES20 with pretty fair results.  May be worth checking out depending on your printing needs.  Canon’s press release on the products are also available in their newsroom here:  Canon Newsroom

Finally, for the 3 or 4 people that read this besides myself, the weekend trip to Baltimore was a lot of fun.  It was good to see the family, and I got a few neat shots from Camden Yards where the New York Yankees squeaked out a win over Baltimore.

Camera Raw Tutorial is up!

I gave up again trying to figure out how to embed the flash file into the blog page, and keep the layout somewhat decent looking, so I am going to continue linking to a dedicated video podcast page, where I will likely end up building an html front end to reference down the road. It’s an admittedly rudimentary look at ACR (Adobe Camera Raw), and while there are some really great extensive resources out there (I highly recommend Jon Canfield’s book on the subject), this should be a nice intro for those that have shot jpg and are thinking about making the move to raw.

In any case, here it is…enjoy! Thanks for stopping in and don’t forget to vote in the Content poll! 🙂

Fair warning though – it’s a long video, and the audio is kinda on the loud side…

Camera Raw Video Tutorial

Terrible Tuesday Stwess!!

Well, terrible Tuesday’s post is about the length of my latest video podcast severely biting me in the you-know-what.   As it turns out, Flash has this limitation of 160,000 frames, so to circumvent that, there seems to be only two options:  record in shorter segments and splice them together in Flash with Action scripts (I don’t have Flash…using another software solution right now, still in trial form…), or encode as a FLV file (the shorter flash videos have been encoded with the more common SWF format.  SWF gives higher resolution, loads faster, and is also more common…so I didn’t even know much about FLV prior to tonight and my history with swf/flv players in WordPress.  Well, since I don’t own flash, my only real option was to encode as an FLV file.  This is taking forever!  I am now looking into how to do Action scripts and purchasing Flash as it seems this might be a more viable long term solution for me…but, it does delay the Camera Raw tutorial another day.  It did give me some time to sit down re-tune the blog to allow for embedding flash video files locally, without needing to hang a video podcast out there hanging in the wind where it can’t get picked up by the all-important blogger feeds of the masses (iTunes included). So, I think I shall call it a night early, and make sure things are picture perfect tomorrow after work. For today, I guess the “masses” that tune in will just have to wait along with me in agony!